Engaru Town, Hokkaido, Japan

Maruseppu Insectarium



Welcome to Our Insectarium; Museum of living Insects.

We show many Insects and small Animals throughout the year.

You can see more than 100 living species.

We have three areas of living Insects, as below


Butterfly garden

About 300 butterflies are flying in green house, throughout the year.

They are from Okinawa, Southern Japan.

So we show some insects and living things from Okinawa, also.



World Beetles

Over 30 species of world wide "Living" beetles and other animals, you can see.


Insects in Maruseppu

Many insects and animals habits in Maruseppu, Northern Japan.

We introduce a part of their Living style.


The life time of insects are very short, so we are breeding and changing them very often.

If you want to check now of them, please see Japanese pages,

though we prepare only photos ,their English name, and scientific name.



Other room or corner


Kid's room/ craft room

Here you and your children can enjoy videos or make crafts (folding paper, etc.)

You can relax without your shoes.



For 0-2 age babies (infants)

We made "kids circle", nursing corner

(if you feel uncomfortable, we rent other lockable room),

and diaper changing bed.


Learning corner

Many books and specimens will support your learning.

And we introducing seasonal information of fields around our Insectarium.


If you feel some difficulty, please ask the staff!

And you can enjoy more activities.

We are trying to assist you as we can.



General Information


Admission fee: Adult Yen 400

                    Children Yen 150 (from Elementally school to High school)

                    Under these age: Free

                    Groups of more than 30 people 20% discount


Open: 9:00-17:00 (Summer; April to October)

        10:00-16:00 (Winter; November to April)


Close: Tuesday (or Next day, If Tuesday is Holiday)

         Among Summer Vacation in Hokkaido (Late July to Late August),

         everyday we open our Insectarium

         December 31to January 4 (but January 2 to 4, we usually open specially)

Address: Maruseppu Kami-muri, Engaru Town, Hokkaido, Japan 099-0213

Phone: +81 158-47-3927 (Domestic: 0158-47-3927)

Fax.: +81 158-47-3925 (0158-47-3925)

E-mail: insect@engaru.jp


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